Susan Kristoferson, MFA

As a professional artist with extensive experience, my work deals with changing perceptions and priorities, and the shadow or fissure area between the seen and un-seen in life.

I am intrigued by the infinite possibilities for creative invention paired with skilled craftsmanship, happen-stance, and expression, especially with dye on paper, combined with the pursuit of techniques that will express ideas that fascinate me.  My work has been in silk screened, painted or shibori dyed fabrics or papers, suspended fabric sculptures, paper-pulp painted images and sewn paper collage.

Most of my recent work has been in paper collage, - reflections of travels, experiences, or as responses to the paper itself.  I am involved in ongoing research in shibori dyed papers.  From rare paper collections around the world, I am gathering information to write a book about the history of ‘paste paper’ painting and contemporary techniques.  I paint and dye papers for retail, wholesale and for my own use.  My artwork work has been exhibited in more than 150 exhibits in North and South America, Japan and Korea.  I have been commissioned to create large and small pieces for private, public and corporate collections.

I have had a rich and varied career teaching visual arts at every level, from kindergarten through to university MFA graduate programs.  I have taught at schools in Texas, Oregon, and Alberta and at universities in Indiana, Ohio, and Oregon.  I have a BFA from the University of Texas and an MFA from Indiana University in the United States.  My professional experience includes work as a full time artist, university professor, artist-in-education, K-12 art teacher, workshop instructor, artist-in-residence at a psychiatric hospital, and a prison.  I have been head of Fiber Arts at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts and have twice worked as a university art gallery director and curator.   I am widely traveled and can speak Spanish, German, and some French.  A flute player and avid gardener, I have landscaped a mountain-side like gorge into my small back yard have completed it with masses of flowers, waterfalls and vividly colored and patterned koi fish.  I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.